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Proceq Resipod Resistivity Meter Hire

Proceq Resipod Resistivity Meter Hire


For Resipod Resistivity Meter hire and rental on a weekly or monthly basis, please give us a ring on 01905 621666 to discuss further.

Resipod Resistivity Meter Hire


Resipod is a fully integrated 4-point Wenner probe, designed to measure the electrical resistivity of concrete in a completely non-destructive test. It is the most accurate instrument available, extremely fast and stable and packaged in a robust, waterproof housing designed to operate in a demanding site environment. The Resipod is the successor of the classic CNS Farnell Resistivity Meter.

Available for hire or rental now. Surface resistivity measurement provides extremely useful information about the state of a concrete structure. Not only has it been proven to be directly linked to the likelihood of corrosion and the corrosion rate, recent studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between resistivity and chloride diffusion rate and even to determination of early compressive strength. This makes it one of the most versatile NDT methods for concrete.

  • Fully integrated surface resistivity instrument
  • Highest resolution available for a surface resistivity instrument
  • Available with 1.5" (compliant with the AASHTO Provisional Standard TP 95 on Surface Resistivity) or industry standard 50 mm probe spacing or Bulk Resistivity Model
  • Current flow indication and poor contact indication
  • Hold, save and delete function, with onboard memory
  • USB connection and dedicated PC software
  • Designed to float (waterproof)
  • Allows replacement of standard tips with accessories


Resipod Resistivity Meter is available for hire and rental on a weekly or monthly basis,

please give us a ring on 01905 621666 to discuss further.


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